About SCT

(Siam Container Terminal Co.,Ltd)

Incorporated in 1988, both Ekachai Container Terminal Co.,Ltd. (ECT) and Siam Container Transport and Terminal Co.,Ltd. (SCT) are inland ports or Customs' Licensed Inland Container Depots (ICDs).

Both ICDs, ECT and SCT, have in-house Customs units, that can handle all the necessary Customs' procedures. Transporting of containers between various ports and ICDs are to be handled by bonded trucks under bonded shipment status.

All the Customs' procedures including processing of Customs' entries, payments of import duties, inspection and release of cargo can be completed at ICDs; for both import and export cargoes. This in turn will give convenience to users who have cargo shipped via vessel calling Laem Chabang Ports but have factories domiciled in Bangkok areas or nearby both ICDs. SCT is a wholly owned subsidiary of ECT. ECT and SCT are strategically located in industrial areas of Mahachai and Bangplee districts respectively.

One Stop Service

With the Customs office being located in-house in the ECT and SCT, it gives a true sense to be called "One Stop Service". Import cargo can be transported in containers from any sea or river ports in Thailand including from Thai/Malaysian border Sadao/Bukit Kayu Hitam by trucks under bonded status to either one of the ICDs and Customs procedures could be completed over there. This is applicable to export cargo as well. Moreover, other value-added services could be customized at ICDs to meet individual needs. Users will be hassle-free and you may say "One telephone call, we handle it all". We can cater to customers' needs.

Independent ICDs

Both ECT and SCT could claim themselves to be truly "Public ICDs" because we do not belong to any shipping lines. This ensures our integrity and unbiased service to be provided to everyone. Users could rest assured of confidentiality of marketing information.

Fully Integrated In-house EDI System

Both terminals are linked via an up-to-date EDI System ensuring effective monitoring and control of cargo and containers. Any data can be retrieved with one finger touch giving carriers, importers and exporters alike ready access to vital information.